Fashion trends in the 60s

The 1960s were definitely one of the more iconic and unforgettable decades in US record. From hippies to miniskirts and go-go boots, many agree totally that the 60s observed sets from innovative movements to audacious style trends. Listed below are the most popular ten styles that noted this ten years.


Every person, old and young, had an afro or at the least aspired to cultivate one. The “fro” was by far the hairdo of preference in those days for both people. The bigger the afro, the better!

Barbie Dolls

The sixties witnessed the birth of Barbie feeling. Product sales of Barbie merchandise achieved an astonishing $100, 000, 000 by 1965. Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie dolls, was impressed to create a 3-dimensional doll after viewing her girl play with her report dolls. She known as all of them after her child Barbara.


Produced from Navy uniforms, bell-bottoms had been the fashion statement for hippies, and a trademark of sixties era. Worn by Elvis Presley also Sonny and Cher, these wide-legged jeans became extremely popular utilizing the younger generations.


The Uk rock group, the Beatles, had been a huge hit with children and adolescents. Crazed fans would faint at their particular shows. Beatlemania ended up being therefore severe that some rabid followers would surely even pass-out simply from viewing them do on TV!

Go-go shoes

The go-go boots had been developed by the leading French-fashion designer Andre Courreges, in 1965. They certainly were an instant struck, donned by women at clubs right from New York to la.

Lava lights

Designed within the mid-60s, lava lamps had been definitely a decorative novelty in this currently colorful era (as well as perhaps however tend to be, somewhere in the entire world). Everyone was fascinated with just how this lamp made of an illuminated glass cylinder full of a colorful, wax-like compound, glowed like lava when heated. Lava lights definitely lit within the 60s!


After the traditional 50s, miniskirts had been an element of the Women’s Liberation motion for the sixties. These brief dresses reached their particular peak of popularity in 1967 once they became a sign of rebellion more than just a sassy fashion statement. “Showing everything” ended up being the latest trend therefore the previous demure days went traveling out of the home.

Smiley faces

You'll anticipate the manufacturer for the “smiley face” having made a six-figure revenue for their design. Ironically, however, Harvey Ross Ball was just compensated $45 for attracting it in 1963, and not trademarked it either. Working for a marketing company in Massachusetts at the time, Ball was employed by a customer for the company to come up with something that would comfort staff members. Incredibly sufficient, the smiley face finished up soothing the whole planet!

Tie Dye Tees

The ancient art of wrap dying was at its prime when you look at the 60s, transforming dull white t-shirts to vibrantly coloured and boldly created t-shirts. With the diets of sixties, it's no surprise that hippies desired to result in the trends shine through their clothing. Link dying still lives to this day.


Worn by many high-profile a-listers like Johnny Carson, Senator Robert Kennedy, Sammy Davis Jr., Steve McQueen and Paul Newman, the turtleneck was at its orgasm. 1967 had been known the season of this turtle in mention of the the turtleneck sweater.

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70s Inspired Fashion Trends
70s Inspired Fashion Trends
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