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Fashion trends in the 1970s

You'll wince while reminiscing as to what you wore in the past.

The 1970s ended up being a period for big modification. From innovative sitcoms like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, to President Nixon seeing China, the nation had been ready for brand new ideas. Looking straight back, it seemed like absolutely nothing changed significantly more than the radical style of the 1970s. From hot jeans to platform footwear, closets had been unrecognizable from only 10 years earlier. And seeking back, these trends seem crazy. Here's a look right back at the fashion styles that seemed therefore hip in those days.


State of mind bands

Girls which wanted to get in touch with their particular emotions inside 1970s just needed seriously to do something โ€” put a band upon it. Mood rings arrived in 1975, and rapidly became one of many defining manner trends for the belated '70s. The rings sized the hand's temperature and changed shade properly, with every color signifying another type of emotion. If the ring had been black colored, you had been really worrying over anything. But if your band switched red, all ended up being great within world.


Leisure matches

Regarding the disco-heavy 1970s, one style trend jumps to mind โ€” leisure suits. The informal match became synonymous with the music trend compliment of John Travolta busting a move in Saturday-night Fever. The trend has its origins in 1930s Ca, however it took off once the creation of synthetic product permitted for affordable clothing costs. Whilst the matches got more popular, the types became more crazy. Solid white and blue suits were offered alongside vibrant colors and patterns. But like all nutrients, the leisure match found an-end during the early 1980s.


Hot jeans

Just who wears brief short pants? Well, in 1970s all women performed. Created by British fashion designer Mary Quant in sixties, the jeans reached their peak a decade later on. Hot pants had been therefore popular, the denim version got a unique name โ€” Daisy Dukes, named following the personality whom donned them on The Dukes of Hazzard. Like the majority of '70s manner styles, about a minute the pants were hot, however when the ten years had been over these people were perhaps not.



A huge motif for 1970s manner ended up being "greater, the better." This applied to jeans by means of the bell-bottom. Fitting generally at the waist and thigh, bell-bottom pants opened up underneath the knee to create a bell shape. Bell-bottoms became so severe, leg open positions could are as long as 26 inches! Despite numerous attempts, bell-bottoms have not come back however you like. But modern-day boot cut jeans can track their heritage to the '70s trend.


Platform shoes

Desire some extra ins in stature? The platform footwear elevated people to new levels through the 1970s. Although numerous types of platform footwear have been in existence since old times, the present day version became a fad into the '70s. And like the majority of style diets during this period, it originated from the U.K. combined with bell-bottoms, you cann't go wrong.



Individuals finally allow their tresses down in the 1970s. For females, Farrah Fawcett's layered feather cut ended up being a mode to aspire to. And just what woman didn't want lengthy fantastic locks like Marcia Brady? For men, the restrictive short cuts regarding the 1950s offered option to an overgrown look.


"Have a pleasant day" t-shirts

Despite a stagnant economy, protests, and international crises, '70s fashion exhibited an optimistic vibe. Require proof? Take a look at the smiley face on many t-shirts and items. The "have a fantastic day" smiley assisted lighten the feeling for the tough ten years.


Gents and ladies crossover styles

The feminist action regarding the 1970s reflected inside fashion globe by popularizing types that men and women could share. Dresses and outfits, of staples of females's closets until the 1970s, had been changed by hot jeans and bell-bottom jeans. In reality, bell-bottom pants had been well-known among both sexes, as had been long hair and even system footwear.

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Throwback! Cheesy 1970s fashion in retro whiskey advert
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