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Fashion trends of 2002

FashionRecycles itself constantly. Styles from years past that people wrinkle our noses at become very attractive whenever they’re revamped and modernized. The 90s have been in now, and even though there have been some ugly appearance taking place through that ten years, we’re picking and choosing styles from that era to embrace and modify for our 2013 sensibilities.

Equivalent will happen utilizing the very early 00s. Actually, it is already occurring in the event that you notice just how preferred troubled denim is starting to become. But there are lots of fashions–too numerous, in the event that you ask me–from the first 00s that I hope never return, revamped or elsewhere. It was a dark time united states. Dark, dark times. Here are just some of those ill guided style styles that people can’t think happened.

Visible Thong

I always complain on how stupid it's that individuals complain about women' garments becoming a distraction, but as someone who began middle college in 2002, i could attest that noticeable thongs had been, in reality, a massive distraction for boys and girls alike. A bad look. Source: Youtube

Platform Flip Flops

Every girl in primary school had these footwear, especially the black ones with rainbow beads across the straps. I am unsure the reason why everyone else thought the need to put on probably the most tacky, thin footwear possible but right here you are going. Source: Photo Wenn/Ebay

Newsboy Caps

When Britney wore this hat, everybody else began wearing this cap. Everybody. I'm convinced that I tried this appearance and deluded myself into thinking that it seemed adorable. It didn't. Exact same is true of its relative, the Kangol cap. Origin: Photo Wenn

Bleached Spiked Hair

Every boy in my class rocked this appearance. I'm uncertain if Linkin Park began it or perhaps not, but all I know is We came back to school and all the men had bleach tips inside their overly spiked hair. It absolutely was totally adorable at the time, specially since skater/pop-punk appearances were therefore any way you like. Origin: Fanpop


Developing up in Los Angeles, Uggs don't do a lot when it stumbled on practicality. It was never truly cold enough to require all of them. But that didn't end half girls in my middle college from wearing these with a couple of a common brief short pants. Yikes. From the that one day we had some heavy rainfall, and a woman desired to go home because her Uggs got damp. Bad thing. Resource: Photo Wenn

Brand Logo Tees

Apparently we wanted everyone to understand where we got our garments from. My dad honestly expressed disdain at this trend, so I seldom wore these brand name t-shirts myself, but I'd a coveted neon green restricted Too sweatshirt with restricted also in massive letters over the front. It really is tough for us to acknowledge our parents are right, however in retrospect We realize dad had been spot on along with his assessment of this trend. Souce: E-bay

Sweat Suits

Perspiration matches, especially the ones produced by hot Coutoure, had been incredibly preferred during the early 00s. I mean, nobody was really working out inside them but i suppose it had been cool to put on overpriced sweatpants every where. Resource: DHGate Wholesale

Trucker Hats

We blame Ashton Kutcher because of this one. It was hard to move away from trucker hats for a great 5 years as a result of him. Trucker hats, specifically Von Dutch brand name, shot to popularity over night, and not even in an ironic way. I am glad that baseball limits had been never ever my thing. Origin: Polyvore

Hair Antennae

This look had been therefore well-known it was showcased in most solitary one of my doodles in 6th class. I am unsure why this look was therefore popular, but I am pretty sure I rocked it somewhat throughout the decade when I'd a negative hair day. Origin: Youtube

Low-rise Flared Jeans

If this appearance comes back i am going to start a riot. I am maybe not joking. Low Rise jeans were anything you could get for the most part shops through to the belated 00s, genuinely. They even emerged in super low rise, which basically implied you had to be sure the couch crack wasn't showing, and your complementary muffin top. These jeans were constantly so ill fitted and got very dirty at hems simply because they had been constantly dragging across the dirty flooring. Ugh. Don’t come back, please. Source: Photo Wenn
"Trend Les Copains" Spring Summer 2002 Milan 1 of 3 pret a
"Trend Les Copains" Spring Summer 2002 Milan 1 of 3 pret a ...
"Trend Les Copains" Autumn Winter 2002 2003 Milan 1 of 3
"Trend Les Copains" Autumn Winter 2002 2003 Milan 1 of 3 ...
"Versace Atelier" Autumn Winter 2002 2003 3 of 4 Paris
"Versace Atelier" Autumn Winter 2002 2003 3 of 4 Paris ...
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