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K-Styled: Distinguishing Korean Fashion and Korea's 2014 TrendsMore than monthly ago, the Korean Cultural Center within the Philippines presented a meeting for all those attempting to find out more about it: a free-admissions talk by one of Korea’s manner wonders, Sarah Kate Watson-Baik.

With Sarah’s talk, it may be noted that a few of the good things to complete in Manila include extending the style world by sharing the data about this and catching Philippine Fashion Week.

Knowing Sarah

K-Styled: identifying Korean Fashion and Korea's 2014 Trends

Sarah presenting by herself and her work

Clad in a colourful see-through gown with colors of blue, green and red; Sarah stood before many fashion enthusiasts final might 29 at the Korean Cultural Center.

Sarah is a Filipino-American located in Korea. A product of two diverse cultures, informed in a famous arts and design college in London, and hitched to an important Korean architect, Sarah really knows a great deal about style and tradition.

For some one well-rounded as she's, she cannot be summed up with one name alone. Sarah is a stylist, host, fashion designer, style teacher, interior fashion designer, professional photographer, and a whole lot with a perky character rolled into one.

K-Styled: identifying Korean Fashion and Korea's 2014 TrendsDespite common misconceptions of men and women about fashionistas, Sarah shared that this woman is not the nature to splurge on clothing. “I don’t spend a lot on clothes. I’m a hunter. We gather classic.”

In accordance with the lady, it is useful to “learn to do things yourself.” Besides having great eyes for details, its smart to learn DIY.

Going to the heart of this talk, Sarah said, “culture in Korea causes it to be quite different for crazy fashion.”

K-Styled: identifying Korean Fashion and Korea's 2014 TrendsK design: Curate, Volume it

With Korea’s manner business thriving, she attested that, “there are a number of interesting things taking place truth be told there. it is not merely K-pop, not merely technology.” Although there are a few who however restrain, many individuals in Korea are fashion-forward.

“Korea’s about trends, ” stressed Sarah. Just what establishes Korean Fashion aside from various other designs is the way they “curate (fashion ideas) and volume it up.”

For a far more vivid description, Sarah talked about Korean girl groups 2NE1 and Orange Caramel for having bold manner as they wear items that defy types of generally worn clothing, hairstyles, and makeup.

2NE1 donning clearly imprinted clothing, large accessories and declaration hairstyles. Image lifted from Officiallykmusic.

Orange Caramel wearing big hairpieces and brilliant tangerine tops for their Catallena offers. Image lifted from Soompie.

Dealing with this year’s trends, road design is within, plus snapbacks, mix-match, sporty, see-through, black-and-white, lettering, and rose habits. These are also evident as many personalities are seen putting on clothes after these trends.

Sarah additionally called leading designers in Korea and described their particular types. She called some like Lie Sang Bong, Kye, Steve J & Yoni P, and Ko Taeyoung.

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