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While 2015 ended up being the season of brand new, swanky fashion designer shops therefore the fresh liquid craze, maybe not precisely what came out of it had been great and like every year, it absolutely wasn't exempt from some bad decisions.

Celebs and fads coerce us to complete some quite unfathomable things but regret is a feeling we're all too-familiar and it is time for you allow bygones be bygones and move forward.

Listed here is our R.I.P (hands entered) listing of trends that require to simply disappear completely now that we have stepped into 2016:

1) Dubsmash

Like selfies weren't adequate, we got Dubsmash aka the velfie application in 2015.

Read on:

Amo B has it straight down, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor use it therefore we've had a lot of fun along with it ourselves. However, it's a lot like karaoke: the person carrying it out is getting the time of their particular life however the ones seeing will get annoyed after a few years.

It's been enjoyable dudes but this is one bandwagon we have to get-off of in 2016.

2) Blatant item positioning in films and songs movies

There clearly was marketing and advertising every where. Commercials on television. billboards all-around city, page lengthy newsprint advertisements, the dreaded pop-ups on your own web browser — you merely can’t escape it.

And now advertising has actually seeped into cinema also! Item placement in movies has actually gotten beyond control: we still don't know if Dekh Magar Pyaar proclaim had been a devastating motion picture and/or longest Sprite commercial into the history of commercials.

And why don't we not really start on Karachi Se Lahore and all those in-your-face wall space campaigns. I'm most likely never eating a Cornetto once more in my life.

3) women sporting the man bun

I don't know which man decided it will be a smart idea to tie-up their long hair into a baseball above his head but anyone who it absolutely was: thanks loads.

It ignited some silly need in females to reclaim an unflattering hairdo and today, the top knot/bro ball became an extensive epidemic.

Except that women had been tying their tresses in buns for a long time before this came along. It just got modified: today it is become a half up-do, which does not even sound right. Putting it simple, it beats the reason for a bun; certain, it keeps hair from the face but not off your neck on a scorching summertime day.

4) The 'It' woman

The extremely coveted moniker just about describes a, hot lady whom attends all of the correct events and film premieres, impresses along with her style for fashion regarding the red-carpet and it has her own hashtag related to this lady. These ladies tend to be 'it' and it's really okay we never precisely understand what merits this recommendation.

In 2016, we'd like the mantle for the "It" woman is rephrased; ladies are not objects, they're not 'its'. And possibly, just maybe we could see it becoming related to strong, hard-working, intelligent women from all walks and spheres of life rather than just women who have countless Birkins.

5) significant age spaces between male and feminine lead co-stars

You know we live-in a truly stange globe when no body also bats an eye fixed to an onscreen pairing of Adnan Siddiqui and Mawra Hocane, an actress who's almost half their age age.

And it's not merely us - it is an issue that plagues Bollywood and Hollywood. We possess the 50-year-old SRK appearing in Karan Johar's after that because of the 22-year-young Alia Bhatt or Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley who had been 28 many years apart age-wise as soon as the duo starred in Pirates associated with Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

Leading men are permitted to age; plainly, their love passions are not. We are hoping to see more age-appropriate pairings when you look at the year ahead.

6) Sheer jeans

Over the past few years, sheer tops and outfits have truly become conventional. Now it appears as if there aren't any limitations about what are made see-through. I thought the entire premise of wearing pants had been which means your legs had been covered and you also could easily get away with maybe not waxing/shaving but i assume I happened to be wrong!

They're impractical and costume-y and just simple unsuitable from time to time! These diaphanous trousers are transparently hideous. Next!

7) Fake it till you make it contouring

I blame Kim Kardashian with this one.

Makeup is about enhancing everything have, it shouldn't be about producing illusions. Let's not pretend: contouring and highlighting is one layer way too many during the daytime and this madness has to stop. The reason why paint on a cheekbone that doesn't occur?

8) Artisanal chai places overpowering

Yes, we Pakistanis love our tea and we were floored when Chai Wala exposed it's doorways and plot to Karachi, making a dhaba accessible to females and families, but this paratha and chai craze features spiraled uncontrollable.

It offers produced numerous comparable ventures: we now have Chota Chai Wala, Chai Shai, Lollywood Café, to name a few. After a few years, they all start tasting the exact same anyway. Do we really need one on every part? Not to mention, Nutella slathered on a paratha may be made at home for 1/200th of cost.

9) The same jewellery companies performing the rounds

Outhouse, Rema Luxe and Prerto - whenever there is a conference where in fact the red carpet had been rolled completely, these 3 jewelry brands had been the actual only real ones spotted. And here is the kicker: we can scarcely inform two of these companies aside.

While statement jewelry ended up being big a year ago, the actual only real statement it will make in 2016 is that you're behind the style bend. Less is much more so we can see even more dainty, well-structured accessories coming into the spotlight.

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