Upcoming Fall Fashion Trends

Latest Korean fashion trends 2014

If you do not’ve already been living under a rock, you’d realize that Southern Korea is taking their particular a game title toward realm of beauty.

With K-Pop groups infiltrating the minds and tumblrs of several a teenage girl, and gorgeous, glossy-eyed Korean designs dominating style promotions, it is no surprise we’re using records.

From attention bags to gradient lips, right here’s a locate of a few of the most well-known trends right from Seoul.

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2. Dewy Skin

a radiant complexion is the first step towards a brand new and rested look. A Korean innovation, air support is the perfect product for flawless looking skin.
What’s an air-cushion? A sponge wet with basis encased in an easy-to-use, portable lightweight. This makes it perfect for touch-ups, also.

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4. Directly Eyebrows

The right brow is found atop the eyes of several a K-pop idol. Having no arch, these brows tend to be supposed to look sweet and youthful. Caution: faking this appearance just isn't when it comes to faint of heart.

Physically, I’m an admirer of after your normal brow form, but if you’ve already been craving a right brow without commitment, look no further.

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1. Using a brush, protect the stops of one's eyebrows from the arch downwards with a thin layer of glue. Wait to dry.

2. Apply concealer over the glue to pay for the hairs.

3. Blend.

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7. Aegyo Sal

Eye bag patients rejoice! Eye bags tend to be adorable in Southern Korea and there’s a term because of it, too. “Aegyo Sal” (loosely converted as “cute/winsome skin”) defines the fat pouches in eyes that are considered to result in the eyes appear rounder, fuller and more youthful. Don’t have actually ‘em? Fake it.

ID: 3488323

1. Apply a highlight tone appropriate below the reduced lash line. We utilized Venus within the Urban Decay Matte Palette.

2. Using a matte brown, carve within “bag” around half a centimeter below your lash range. I used Urban Decay’s Faint. Combination with a cotton bud.

ID: 3488530

To reach it, merely expand your liner after the slope of this attention downwards, without flicking upwards as completed with a cat attention.

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