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From left: Zero + Maria Cornejo, springtime 2015; Custom ceramics by Bridget Ann Clark in Zero + Maria Cornejo’s springtime color scheme

Photo: (from remaining) Alessandro Garofalo /; Thanks to Kate Hagberg

Maria Cornejo may be the latest to fall for ceramics, those at-hand quotidian objects whose appeal is growing one of the style ready. Visitors to her NoHo boutique will discover works particularly produced by Bridget Ann Clark in black-and-white, Zero’s spring 2015 color palette. Since 2009, when Raf Simons created an assortment for Jil Sander influenced because of the mid-century French ceramicist Pol Chambost, a less sleek, more crafty aesthetic has come into benefit as evidenced by the hand-hewn pieces that are increasingly popping up in clothes boutiques as manner retailers warmly embrace way of life and product objects—books, candle lights, plates, bowls—alongside apparel. Rachel Comey’s pop-up ceramics shop, for starters, produced plenty of hit. Stroll into Williamsburg’s Oroboro, and you’ll find Paula Greif ceramic breakfast bowls and April Napier vases also garments by Cosmic Wonder and jewellery by fantasy Collective. Clothes and ceramics are a combo that is complementary versus matchy-matchy, and totally on trend.", "tagList":{"list":}, "credit":"Photo: Courtesy of @thelinenyc \/ ", "alt":"Fashion Designers CeramicsSteven Alan", "caption":"Spacio Terreno Faceted Concrete Planter, $30;", "tagList":{"list":}, "credit":"Photo: Courtesy of @stevenalan \/ Steven Alan ", "alt":"Fashion Designers CeramicsOroboro ", "caption":"BZIPPY porcelain Vases, $275-$425; for information:", "tagList":{"list":}, "credit":"Photo: Courtesy of @oroboro_store \/ Oroboro ", "alt":"Fashion Designers CeramicsRachel Comey", "caption":"Jennie Jieun Lee ceramics; for information:", "tagList":{"list":}, "credit":"picture: thanks to @rachelcomey \/ Rachel Comey ", "alt":"Fashion Designers Ceramics"}]" data-gallery_category="Living" data-gallery_subcategory="Homes" data-gallery_time_since_published="10214h|426d" data-gallery_published="2015-03-12T17:25:23+00:00" data-gallery_contrib_string="Laird Borrelli-Persson|Rebecca Stadlen">




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Zero + Maria Cornejo

Bridget Ann Clark for Zero + Maria Cornejo ceramics, $110 - $160; for information: Zero + Maria Cornejo, New York, NY, 212.925.3849

Picture: thanks to @bridgetannclark / Bridget Ann Clark

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Picture: due to @thelinenyc /

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Steven Alan

Picture: thanks to @stevenalan / Steven Alan

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Photo: Courtesy of @oroboro_store / Oroboro

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