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Colombian fashion trends

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"individuals dress better right here than in Paris." - Mirielle - Paris, France
It must come as not surprising that given Colombia’s fortunate geographic placement between North and south usa, between Europe and Asia, and between Africa and Oceania, in Bogota you can find any item from about the whole world. More importantly, given Colombia’s vast production record, reflected in virtually every number of craft or product, you are thrilled to realize in Bogota one can actually get a hold of almost anything and also at any cost. In a nutshell, Bogota is a shocking shopper’s haven.

For a long time, Bogota’s shopping centers called centro comerciales (CC) were the jealousy of Latin The united states; presently more than 100, with brand-new mega-projects under construction. These malls which can be found through the entire city appear in all sizes and shapes. Some of the best understood are CC Andino, CC Atlantis, CC El Retiro, CC Unicentro, CC Hacienda Santa Barbara, CC Gran Estacion and CC Santa Fe and CC Centro Mayor –the biggest in Colombia, plus one of biggest on earth. Unlike their us alternatives each of them provide numerous shops and labels. Whereas us malls now will feature mostly equivalent companies and fashions, those in Bogota feature some of these same shops, but Colombian malls will also shock their variety of options, including incomparable food courts and children’s enjoyment areas.

Besides the malls, there are an ocean of trade spread for the whole city. These vast places feature a huge level of fabric products, shoemakers, printers, bookstores, material stores, tailors, furnishings manufacturers, technology facilities, animal shops, craftsmen, artisans, florists, precious jewelry makers and bronze, gold and silver-smiths. Some areas cover several square kilometers and house thousands of shops of most sizes. These places will also integrate street suppliers along with numerous cafés and restaurants.

Some prominent districts for bargain shopping are known as San Andrecitos. Various other well-known areas for great prices feature El Restrepo, Siete de Agosto and San Victorino.

The upscale shopping districts will shock you. And finding boutiques from around society such as Cartier, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co., Cranes, Ermenegildo Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Izod, Revillon, Ralph Lauren, Hugo employer, Levis, Carolina Herrera, maximum Mara, Paul & Shark, Calvin Klein, Custo Barcelona, imagine, Diesel, Mango, Bose, Bang & Olufson and many others, you will have the unforeseen pleasure of finding the stunning nationwide developers and brands of Colombia.

Colombia has a long and happy reputation for production and design, the consequence of that has been exported around the world through popular foreign brands such Diesel, Levis, gef, Hush Puppies and others.

Today you will discover in Bogota an incredible range of design and top-notch products that have been in every-way comparable to the most effective European craftsmen. Some prominent manufacturers to consider are Hernando Trujillo, Arturo Calle, Louis Barton, Silvia Tcherassi, Bettina Spitz, Hernan Zajar, Colombian Bags and Trianon. Some of those national brands will also be discovered overseas.

The key upscale shopping aspects of the city are present around CC Hacienda Santa Barbara when you look at the charming historic region of Usaquen (in which on Sundays and holiday breaks you're going to be addressed to Bogota’s premiere flea market), the lovely Parque 93, the entire world Trade Center, Avenida Pepe Sierra, Calle 109, and most particularly within the Zona Rosa (Rose area) which circumnavigates the luxurious anchor shopping mall, CC Andino.

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