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Duncan didn't develop the term, however. That success would go to K-HOLE, an innovative new York-based "trend forecasting" team composed of Greg Fong, Chris Sherron, Emily Segal, Dena Yago and Sean Monahan. Monahan joined up with Huff Post Live Thursday early morning to provide K-HOLE's explanation regarding the hashtag-able term which is invaded Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and past.

— K-HOLE (@kholetrends)

"Normcore is a wish to be blank, " Monahan describes in the video clip above. "Fundamentally, the way that we seriously considered it at K-HOLE is people was once born into communities and were, sort of, thrust into the globe together with to find their own individuality. And I also think these days, folks are created people and looking for their communities."

As Monahan claimed in a contact to Huff article Arts ahead of the segment, "as the article described the term normcore as a method, we want to speak about just how it applies as a trend and a meme."

Inside the opinion, the normcore style trend that New York Magazine typed about could be the New York type of this wish to be blank, grounded inside town's ongoing experience of "Seinfeld, " the sitcom that's been heralded as the epitome of all things #normcore. Various other pop tradition icons that fit the mold: Louis C.K. and Steve work, among others. But President Obama - he's just a dad, Monahan speculated.


"At K-HOLE we believe it's all about becoming situationally proper, " Monahan extrapolated, whenever asked just how you can spot a normcore offender in the roads. "It depends on who you are, exactly what your scene is."

Really, concretely defining normcore is as difficult as articulating the expression everyone's tired of hearing - hipster. "you realize it if you see it" seems to be the leading concept for distinguishing the scene.

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