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Prepare your closets: Our huge spring trend 2016 report is here now, and man, is-it saturated in character. Well, six characters, is precise. After scouring the runways and examining all of the appearances, we unearthed that this season is less in regards to the typical styles (sequins! colorful velvet!) and much more geared toward self-expression. Designers actually embraced individuality, which indicates a variety of great garments made for a number of fantastic women—from the current boho towards the elegant urbanite.

So who is the spring 2016 fashion doppelganger? Continue reading to meet up spring's most colorful characters, after that store their particular design, stat. Charmed, we're yes.


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Whom she actually is: This woman is upon the headlines, above the styles, and also hectic influencing switch to answer any inane meeting requests. You are able to inform by that informal angle in her style (the designer sandals are a-dead giveaway) that she doesn't lose touch as to what truly matters in her own life—getting upstate on the weekend to plant tomatoes and to eventually handle that Garth danger Hallberg novel.


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Which she actually is: Oh, to be the girl who makes using complicated patterns and maxiskirts look so effortless. Channeling the woman internal Sienna Miller (or Mary-Kate Olsen, based on her age and affinity for saucer-size colors), she is a well-connected sophisticate who lives away from a suitcase, always jet-setting out of this music festival to that particular art biennial. Don't bother requesting the woman target. Simply follow this lady on Instagram.


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Just who this woman is: Romance isn't lifeless for the heroine of most that is light, for she's going to often be there to lend a hand and stand-up for just what is right—whether it is arranging a charity benefit or mastering her découpage. Socially minded, she cherishes both femininity and feminism, but she is maybe not afraid to appear quite for pretty's benefit.


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whom she's: you wish to loathe the girl, however you can not. She's simply the best, and so really cool in her boldly colored actif-sportif clothes, ideal for dropping the kids off in school, doing yoga, and baking gluten-free snacks which are delicious. Like Karlie Kloss, she's a role model for the athleisure ready, radiating positivity with a dazzling laugh.


Jason Lyod-Evens; Imaxtree(2); Jason Lyod-Evens; Imaxtree; InDigital Graphics

Whom she's: This girl loves the softer-edged, 2.0 type of wearable technology that however checks out as luxurious. Less Lisbeth Salander and much more Ava from Ex Machina, she never ever needs a supplementary charger since there's one included in her bag. Not too it matters—she's attached to just about all because it's, always fascinated, enlightened, engaged, and primed to kick some butt.


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Who this woman is: Ahem. Excuse me, people. Exactly why is this not done? We have talked about it detailed already. I am aware what I desire, and you ought to too. Had been you sidetracked because of the cut of my Versace? End smiling. I did not put it on for you personally, honey. Today kindly move apart while I shatter this cup roof.

KL Fashion Trends 2016 Collection
KL Fashion Trends 2016 Collection
Spring Fashion Trends 2016: Colors
Spring Fashion Trends 2016: Colors
Fashion-Trend 2016: Fransen-Festival-Look
Fashion-Trend 2016: Fransen-Festival-Look
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