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Dressing Like a Rapper For Men
  1. Get a baggy top. Most hip-hop and rap style trends include baggy or loose clothes this is certainly comfortable.
    • Basketball jerseys, especially vintage ones, are very preferred.
    • Loose tees with visual images are often showcased by hip-hop designers such as for example Sean John and Wu Wear.
    • Baggy polo shirts and option lows may also be fashionable.
    • Huge hoodies in brilliant colors are extremely popular among rap and hip-hop performers.
    • Those who put on these usually tuck in the leading of top and let the right back free if they are using a fashion designer belt.
  2. Wear baggy jeans. These really should not be therefore baggy that you can't see your shoes.
    • Ensure you can allow the tongues of one's shoes reveal.
    • Jeans like Southern Pole and Mecca are good because of this.
    • Jeans which can be too large and baggy is organized with a gear. Belts that are adorned with stones or designs are most well known in hip-hop fashion.
  3. Use a coat. There are several kinds of jackets that are well-known in hip-hop style.
    • 90's design beginner coats are actually good-for an old-school type hiphop look.
    • Stars like 50 penny made the Pelle Pelle design leather jacket very popular.
    • Army tiredness coats will also be advised by hip-hop stylists. Rappers like DMX wore these.
  4. Place the bandana on your mind in addition to hat extraordinary from it.
    • You are able to wear the top of hat dealing with forward or even to the back or part.
    • Try to get a bandana in a brilliant color, and put it on tied up like a skullcap to fit a cap on it.
    • Do-rags will also be well-known headgear in hip-hop manner.
  5. Wear precious jewelry. This might be called bling or ice in hiphop style.
    • Huge gold or platinum stores tend to be preferred, particularly with big crosses.
    • Use bands being gold or platinum with diamonds or stones inside for some flash.
    • Grills are extremely well-known among rappers. They're caps made of steel for the teeth.Image titled Dress Like a Rapper Step 3 Getting the full grill can be extremely costly.
    • If you can't manage to cover all your teeth with a gold grill then start with addressing a couple of teeth. When many individuals cover a couple of teeth they generally have their particular initials cut right out of limit.
  6. Get some oversize glasses (aka stunner colors). They're remarkably popular among rap music artists.
    • The preferred designs have square frames.
    • Some trendy labels tend to be Adidas and Sean John.
    • Some stunner shades have actually colorful sides and are usually studded for a few "bling".
  7. Use just the right footwear. High tops and boots are the hottest types of rapper footwear.
    • Companies like Vlados, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Jordan and Timberland are preferred and really should become companies you choose from.
    • Hip-hop large top shoes are worn using the tongues out.
    • It is extremely vital that you keep your footwear sharp and brilliant for hip-hop style.

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Getting A Rap Seek Women
  1. Wear bright-colored t-shirts. There are many different types of top which can be popular in the hip-hop choose ladies.
    • Bright colored graphic tees are often used. Colors like orange, brilliant blue, gold, hot pink and bright purple are very popular.
    • Bright colored print shirts are also stylish. Take to a term print or animal printing in a color that stands apart.
    • Shirt types that are showcased by female hip hop performers include crop tops that bare the midriff, bikini t-shirts, container tops, and much more installed tees.
    • Whatever shade you decide on, many hip-hop looks for ladies tend to have coordinating accessories and jeans.
  2. Use a coat that sticks out. This look may either be fitted or baggy.
    • Fitted fabric jackets are particularly much in style for feminine hip-hop performers. They are frequently featured in silver or white, which are colors that may draw interest.
    • Denim jackets are also remarkably popular.
    • Baggy activities coats and bubble vests tend to be donned by hip-hop females for a far more masculine appearance.
  3. Select pants or a skirt. Hip-hop manner for women normally much more versatile in this area, with several variations of pants being trendy.
    • Tight fitted jeans inside thin leggings design are the most well known form of denim pants in hip-hop manner for ladies. These are usually pre-ripped or torn on the side or in the front.
    • Harem pants, that are baggy within hip and fitted during the foot may well-known. These can be used in a bright color that matches your top or perhaps in an even more understated color like black, white, or camouflage.
    • Sports wear such as for example Adidas pants are also fashionable.
    • Short denim dresses are often your best option and therefore are showcased by many hip-hop stars such as for instance Eve and Nicki Minaj.
  4. Accessorize with jewellery, caps, and glasses. Female hip-hop fashion additionally features "bling".
    • Probably the most popular hip-hop women wear big hoop earrings in gold.
    • Wear 3-4 necklaces with pendants. These can be extremely flashy with chrome studs, diamonds or rhinestones.
    • Also caps and sunglasses can feature some studs or rhinestones. Select an appartment brimmed hat in a bright color that matches your top or jeans.
    • Use designer tones.Image titled Dress Like a Rapper Step 5 Stunner tones are preferred, but it is essential that any type of sunglasses can be noticed. Buy them in a bright shade or accented with jewels.
  5. Choose the best footwear. Hip-hop women can wear sneakers or boots in comparable designs as dudes, but high-heeled footwear may worn by females.
    • In shoes, go after high-tops. Brands like Jordans and Adidas function bright-colored and crisp searching footwear within style.
    • In shoes, Timbaland boots are the most popular brand.
    • For hip-hop girls, extremely high pumps and wedges in chrome or gold, or neon colors are fashionable.
    • Choose a hairstyle that sticks out. A variety of tresses colors and designs are featured by hip-hop ladies.
    • Dye your hair in a brilliant shade like red, purple, or blue.
    • Bleached or blond tresses also stands out and is favored by rap music artists like Eve, Nicki Minaj, and Nyemiah Supreme.
    • You can easily wear the hair right with bangs or in braids.
  6. Wear vibrant colored makeup. You are going to specially want your mouth and eyes to face on.
    • Utilize a matte lip stick in a neon color like bright green or purple. Vivid red is also very popular.
    • Wear thick makeup or fake eyelashes. You can easily experiment with different coloured eyelashes.
    • Wear a thick eyeliner and eyeshadow in a brilliant color like neon green, red, blue, silver or gold.


  • If people make fun of you, spend no awareness of all of them. Focus on the style thing and think!
  • Take a look at hip-hop mags to keep up utilizing the newest trends in the wonderful world of rap.
  • Avoid being something you're maybe not. You should be yourself.
  • Make an effort to personalize your thing. Cannot simply duplicate away from what's the hottest.
  • Always put on anything you are comfortable in, but try not to overdo it.
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Upcoming Trend ;skirts and dresses on rappers
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