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Winter clothes 2015

We are presently supplying Family Packages to stranded refugees in Greece. These contain food and essentials to help them endure. Items differ, but a good example of contents of a family group Package is:

1 kilo of rice
1 liter of milk
1 case of dried soup
1 400 gram case of pasta
1 package beans
1 banana
1 tangerine
1 bag of crackers
1 bar of detergent
1 package of damp wipes
Butter or oil

Family Packages are priced at $6.00 - $8.00 and they are independently hand distributed to people all of us finds to stay in the best need.

to give cold weather garments to refugees because they passed through the Balkans while fleeing war-torn nations. Civilians and kids fleeing war were confronted with the subzero conditions associated with Balkan cold temperatures, often without heat, housing, correct clothes, or in any manner to have it.

As cold temperatures received to a conclusion, a brand new crisis unfolded. Governmental changes in European countries left tens and thousands of refugees, including countless babies and children, stranded in wilderness places and sub-human camps throughout European countries; lacking necessities eg food, refuge, hygiene materials, therefore the essentials of success.

We decided we were inside when it comes to long haul. We'd perhaps not remain by and watch while infants moved hungry and children slept in overloaded tents with dirty covers.

We now have formed a 501(c)(3) nonprofit which takes tax-deductible contributions. We continue delivering help to civilians and refugees in need of assistance. Every contribution received makes a difference in exactly how many individuals we are able to assist.

MED Clothes fall winter 2015/2016 collection [women]
MED Clothes fall winter 2015/2016 collection [women]
Winter Clothing 2015
Winter Clothing 2015
Bucker Logger Clothing - Winter 2015
Bucker Logger Clothing - Winter 2015
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