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Light Blue Contacts For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are very common in the world. What is also very common is the fact that most people want to alter the brown color of their eyes and create a new look for themselves. This is achieved through colored contact lenses which are non-prescription contact lenses that change the color of the iris. The iris is the part of the eye that is responsible for the color. The little black circle in the middle of the eye is the pupil.

Colored contact lenses can only alter the color of the iris. They do not provide any vision correction and are not intended for medical purposes. And contrary to what many people think, colored contact lenses do not make you see the world in color. So, if you are looking for light blue contacts for brown eyes, expect to have a color change of your irises.

Light blue contact lenses will immediately brighten up your appearance and clearly define the iris while giving your eyes a mesmerizing shine. These radiant colored contacts will give you a rich color and make you extremely seductive.

What to look for in light blue lenses for brown eyes

Light blue contact lenses for brown eyes include a few features and characteristics that you should look for before making a purchase. First of all, seek a rich color that can not only cover your brown irises but also blend in with your natural eye color, as well as skin tone, undertone and hair color. There are a few options such as Splendid Mint and Elegant Blue Chiara Lens which provide a greenish hue that matches brown eyes perfectly.

In addition, look for the right diameter to cover up the brown part of your eyes perfectly. Also, make sure to find contact lenses that have a 40% water content. Those lenses are more comfortable on the eye and look more natural when placed on brown eyes.

Lastly, find the right fit for you. In most cases, light blue contact lenses work better with brown eyes when they are two-tone lenses. Two-tone lenses have two colors in their surface, a darker color on the edge of the lens and a brighter color in the middle. This type of design will accentuate your eyes and make them more defined.

They will give you that alluring and sophisticated look that you seek for!

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