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80s Fashion trends men

This great list of 80s style trends had been posted by one of our visitors. Thanks a lot, Celeste for great recap of 80s fashions!!

We’d want to see a summary of all the 80s fashions you keep in mind using back in your day. To e-mail united states your number, email united states. Or, you can easily post your number as an email on our Facebook web page.

  • Lloyd Dobler wearing a trenchcoat in 'Say any such thing' keeping boombox floating around Normandy flower jeans these were finished . once I was youthful
  • Cotler pants jeans that had snap pockets that could fold over revealing another shade.
  • zebra club oversize sweatshirts (perhaps its just a-west coast thang)
  • la bands (black bracelets Madonna’s using (now sell it at hot subject))
  • trench coats
  • long scarves
  • sling right back typically by spirit
  • guess or jean coat (usually in light red or blue jean as well as white)
  • door knocker earrings silver bamboo
  • ripped jeans
  • red lip stick
  • wearing non coordinating earrings (quite n red)
  • pumps (all colors)
  • huge buttons or huge burgundy tan striped aside suits w/ a flip over collar
  • playboy bunny sweatshirts, t-shirts etc
  • Sailor hats and or sailor like blouses
  • Mob like caps
  • Zoot matches pants w/ suspenders
  • option kind earrings as well as strange shaped/dice earrings/metal or metallic earrings
  • kamikaze t-shirts which had sleeves that will zip off like a t-shirt length or like a muscle mass shirt
  • Japanese earrings or clothes w/ Japanese figures on it
  • Biker shorts or spandex
  • Putting on biker short pants under mini skirts
  • polka dots
  • lace jeans on a single side/jeans w/ various shade front & backs
  • EBS tennis shoes which were similar to skippies very simple tie-up
  • Mary janes and/or karate kind footwear for men
  • wearing jeans tight duration!
  • mind bands
  • tresses connections, banana videos and ribbon barrettes
  • blush & visual apparent basis hide makeup products
  • nose piercing
  • carrying around a sizable radio/ghetto blaster / cassettes
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